Saturday, May 7

désireux et excité

Guess who gets to go to France!!?

I have been apart of an exchange program for a couple of months now, and yesterday I finally received who my family is going to be!
I will be living in Meylan France, right outside of Grenoble (the photo)

Ahh! I am so unbelievably excited for this!
Anyone have any clues on the amazing things in this area?


  1. oh gosh! i'm happy for you! congrats and have fun!! :)

  2. wow, congratulations that will be so amazing! What an incredible picture! I love your look too - I have similar shorts from F21- can't wait to bust them out when it gets warmer! :)

  3. very pretty! have a great time :)


  4. You are one lucky chick. I have been wanting to go to France for most of my life. I am sure you will have to best time and get some great inspiration. Love your blog:)

  5. youre adorable! so cool that you get to visit france! id love to go... one day! have the time of your life!

  6. Wow thats so nice, I haven't been to france in a while, and I would love to visit meylan!

    Paris et St:Tropez me manquent énormement ;)!

    PS: I like your blog, a lot :D

  7. how exciting! love that top its so pretty! xxo