Wednesday, December 29

Mr. Garavani

So I was sitting here reading one of my Christmas presents "A Grand Italian Epic: Valentino Garavani" and while flipping through the pages and I saw the most beautiful images! The ones I am specifically talking about are the pictures where the outfits were based on polka-dots.
Now I am just going to let you all now that I am utterly and completely obsessed with polka-dots!
So because I am completely in love I decided to do a post about them;

Hope you like it :)

Scarf- no name, Bangle - Kate Spade, Skirt/Tights/Top - Forever 21


Sunday, December 26

"Earth Laughs in Flowers" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

 So having spent a quite, dull boxing day at my grandparents farm left me coming home and feeling the urge to blog! My pre-new years resolution is to actually put effort into this thing and make it my little baby. So this leads to my first picture of my outfit post! Whoo whoo!

Like what Santa brought me? Tiffany's charm bracelet! Sooo in love with it!
I have this list of things that I want in my life, and I figure once I start finishing off the list I will be somewhat satisfied- and a Tiffany's charm bracelet was definitely on the list! (Now I only have 1 million more things to go, but I'm young- I still have plenty of time =p)

So I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas (if that's what you celebrate), and talk to you soon! <3

Top, Purse, Jeans - Forever 21
Both Bracelet's - Tiffany and Co


Monday, December 13

Spare Time

Hola lovleys! So until I can get a good enough picture of me on this thing I will continue with my beautiful randoms :)

So fun fact about me is that I LOVE doing collages! Love em! It is my little way to be creative and fabulous in my boring city, so I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them


Sunday, December 12


As this is my first official blog post I decided to treat you all a gem that I came across at the MET museum website..a gorgeous House of Dior (by John Galliano) dress from the spring/summer 1998 collection.

Stunning right?!

Well that is all, I hope this made your day a little bit more beautiful (: