Tuesday, March 22

Tuesday, March 15

The Good Guy Always Wins

“What makes life worth living is knowing that one day you'll wake up and find the person that makes you happier than anything in the whole world. So don't ever lose hope and give up, everything turns out okay and the good guy always wins.”

The snow is melting!

Outfit- Forever 21
Wallet- Urban Outfitters
Charm Bracelet- Tiffany and Co

Kate Spade inspired :)

Wednesday, March 2

Dreams are Wishes that your Heart makes

Cinderella dressed in yellow went upstairs to kiss a fellow by mistake she
 kissed a snake how many doctors did it take?

Scratch that.
Cinderella wasn't wearin any yellow.
If Cinderella was a legit princess then she would have been
rockin some Charlotte Olympia

Yes. I realize how unbelievably dorky I am thanks.

But the point is that I love love LOVE Charlotte Olympia!

Love it!

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